[LACNIC/Politicas] Enc: Deploying IPv6 in Fixed Broadband Access Networks

Renato Batista Santos renato.santos at sercomtel.net.br
Tue Jun 18 09:09:27 -03 2019

Hi Tomás!

My name is Renato and I work in a Telecom Company in Brazil. I found yous 
apresentation bellow some time ago and I have a similar cenario in my 

We have BNG Ericsson and starting to source IPv6 to our customers. We have 
finding some problens and ERICSSON is taking very time to resolve our 
problem. We intend to distribute Framed-IPv6-Prefix  and 
Delegated-IPv6-Prefix by RADIUS, but only got to distribute 

Is possible do you help us about this? 

Thankis for your help.

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