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Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 17:43:57 -03 2023

Hello Robert

I personally don't like the text in that way as it leaves room for other 
possibilities when it mentions on "eg". As I mentioned on my previous 
message in order to avoid multiple interpretation it is better it to be 
specific and thinking in a more practical scenario there are no much 
other possibilities that should be allowed under these exceptions (like 
gTLDs, specially those known as sTLDs), ccTLDs in the region are fine, 
out of the region I don't think is necessary. IXPs don't change anything 
from what is already, so why allow an IXP operating our of the region to 
request which leave us with the main propose of this proposal which are 
Root DNS Servers.

Therefore name the only exception specifically: "/Se podrán otorgar 
excepciones a organizaciones fuera de la región que sean servidores raíz 
DNS como proveedores de infraestructura de Internet crítica global./"

Regarding Option 2 I think one detail that is lacking is to mention that 
even in a Anycast scenario services must be provided also in the region.

I think I got lost on the rest of your email and options, but so far 
Option 1 seems the simplest with the comments about if I didn't miss 
anything important.

Best regards
Fernando Frediani

On 29/11/2023 16:30, Robert Story wrote:
> Hello all,
> First, thank you to everyone who commented on the initial proposal. I am
> going to start on V2 of LAC-2023-6, and I would like some input on how
> you think I should proceed.
> # Options for updating the current proposal
> * Option 1: A simple tweak to the original proposal.
> The original language added to the second paragraph of 1.2 was:
> "*Exceptions may be granted to organizations outside the region which
> provide global critical internet infrastructure (eg. DNS Root
> Servers).*"
> We could simply make the exception apply to Root Server Operators
> (RSOs): "*Exceptions may be granted to organizations outside the region which
> are Root Server Operators for the purpose of providing global anycast
> DNS root service.*
> * Option 2: Add the exception under the "Anycast" paragraph in 1.2.
> The fourth paragraph of 1.2 already lists exceptions for anycast
> service, but still specifies organizations must be in the region. A
> new paragraph could be added for DNS Root Server Operators:
> "DNS Root Server Operators" that are legally constituted outside the
> service region may be granted an exception for numbering resources as
> long as they are used for providing global anycast DNS root service."
> * Option 3: Add the exception in v4/v6 micro assignments ( and
>    4.4.5)
> These 2 sections are the ones that talk about critical infrastructure
> assignments, which are the types of assignments that should be used for
> DNS root service. This requires adding text in two places, but adds
> clarity about the type of resources to be assigned.
> * Option 4: Option 1 or 2 + specifying micro assignments
> Alternatively, the text in options 1 and 2 could specifically mention
> micro assignments, but it feels odd putting such specific details in an
> early and otherwise very general section of the policy.
> # Additional changes
> * Addition 1: Add text to also allow ASN assignments
> Some Root Server Operators use unique ASN numbers for each of their
> instances, so that should be considered as well. Section 3 doesn't have
> detailed sub-sections like the micro assignment policies do, so I'm
> open to suggestions on where to add text and how to word it.
> Perhaps the easiest way would be to use Option 4 above, and mention
> ASNs as well as micro assignments in section 1.2.
> # Conclusion
> I hope that one of the ideas I've proposed covers the concerns that
> were expressed with version 1. If not, please let me know so that I can
> try and address those concerns.
> Apologies for the English. When the discussion seems to have consensus
> on the best way forward (or if there is no discussion!), I'll start a
> new thread in Spanish for a broader reach.
> Regards,
> Robert
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