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Carlos M. Martinez carlos.martinez en csirt-antel.com.uy
Vie Sep 4 17:46:11 BRT 2009


reenvío este correo a nuestra lista de Seguridad a pedido de Danny y
Julio de Arbor Networks (quienes estuvieron en Panama seguramente
recuerdan la charla sobre seguridad en BGP de Danny)



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Subject: [Fwd: 2009 Infrastructure Security Survey]
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 16:40:39 -0400
From: Julio Arruda <jarruda en arbor.net>
To: Carlos Martinez-Cagnazzo <carlos.martinez en csirt-antel.com.uy>

I suspect you may have seen this in NANOG, just wondering if you want to
forward to LACNIC list..


Could you please distribute this email to any customers
that have asked about or been presented the survey data
over the past, or any other good contacts you might have
that might respond?  You're also welcome to forward it
to any mailing lists on which you participate.



We're in the process of collecting feedback for this years
infrastructure security report, the fifth edition of the

The 2008 Infrastructure Security Survey is up and available for
input.  You can register to complete the survey at this URL:


I've again added many questions this time from past participants
of the survey, this should be evidenced throughout.  Feedback
collection will end as soon as we've reached the desired number
of respondents (ideally, 70+).

We hope to make the results available by November 2009 at the
latest.  Also, please recall that NO personally (or organizationally)
identifiable information will be shared in any manner.

The 2008 edition of the survey is available here:


Or on the Arbor web site (reg required):


Thanks in advance for your participation!


Julio Arruda
Manager Consulting Engineer Team LATAM
Arbor Networks
USA:    +1-954-827-1543 Ext: 209
Mobile: +1-954-249-9381
Argentina: +54-11-5246-5981 Ext: 209
Brazil-RJ: +55-21-4063-6568 Ext: 209
Brazil-SP: +55-11-3522-7210 Ext: 209
Chile:     +56-2-570-8741   Ext: 209
Mexico-Monterrey: +52-81-4624-4983 Ext: 209
Mexico-Mexico-DF: +52-55-1168-9607 Ext: 209
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