[LACNIC/Seguridad] Dos nuevos IETF I-Ds sobre seguridad en TCP

Fernando Gont fernando en gont.com.ar
Lun Mar 12 23:30:54 BRT 2012


* I-D #1:

Titulo: "Processing of IP Security/Compartment and Precedence
Information by TCP"

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   This document discusses the security and interoperability problems
   that may arise as a result of the processing of IP security/
   compartment and precedence information by TCP.  Additionally, it
   formally updates RFC 793 such that these issues are mitigated.
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* I-D #2:

Titulo: "Processing of TCP segments with Mirrored

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   This document describes a problem found in some popular
   implementations regarding the processing of TCP segments in which the
   local endpoint is equal to the remote endpoint.  Additionally, it
   formally updates RFC 793 clarifying how this scenario should be
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