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Mie Nov 27 15:18:45 BRST 2013

Este draft suena importante para comentar.


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Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 2:13 PM
Subject: IAB statement on draft-farrell-perpass-attack-00
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At the Vancouver IETF meeting, the IAB held a technical plenary that
discussed pervasive monitoring.  The IAB believes that pervasive
monitoring represents an attack on the Internet in as much as large
amounts of information that is intended to be confidential between
sets of individuals is in fact gathered and aggregated by third
parties.  Such a broad scale attack can undermine confidence in the
infrastructure, no matter the intent of those collecting the

draft-farrell-perpass-attack-00 is intended to establish an IETF
community consensus on this matter.  We encourage the community to
read and engage in discussion about this draft, and also to take
practical measures to limit pervasive monitoring within their

On behalf of the IAB,
  Russ Housley
  IAB Chair

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