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L Sean Kennedy liam at fedney.org
Thu Feb 6 13:30:31 BRST 2014


I wonder if the IETF-LAC mailing lists couldn't setup some kind of
search committee?  I think additional local knowledge could help
identify practical locations as well as governments and commercial
organizations which could sponsor IETF.  For instance instead of Metro
Sao Paulo, Campinas could be an option particularly if Viracopos
retains international landings after the cup and lots of connections
on Azul, plus its most convenient for a SP based local sponsor.  There
also is Fortaleza which have direct flights from Europe, Florianopolis
and Curitiba all of which have decent telecommunications
infrastructure and US direct flights.  Even if a hotel contract can be
signed for Buenos Aires, there is no reason not to identify another
location in Latin America whether its in Mexico, Panama, Brasil,
Uruguay, Chile, etc.


2014-02-06 Rogerio Mariano <rsouza.rjo at gmail.com>:
> Alvaro, Arturo and everybody,
> Given the scenario of uncertainty and possible long-term before the IETF
> meeting in Buenos Aires, there any real chance of IETF review for example in
> making the meeting in Brazil ( São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro) or Chile
> (Santiago)? What are the prerequisites for this to take place? Of course
> nobody wants modified a plan whatever, most watched debate in list, would it
> be feasible to do this query and see if there is a guarantee that the
> meeting in Latin America occurs in any of these places. I remember in
> May/2013 the IETF addressed a topic in the ISOC-BR list (I think it was
> Scott Brim) about  a meeting of the IETF in Latin America and membership was
> large, then it proves that there is a great desire to cause the IETF from
> growing in our region, I think we can not lose this opportunity.
> All the best !
> 2014-02-06 7:30 GMT-02:00 Fernando Gont <fernando at gont.com.ar>:
>> On 02/06/2014 05:45 AM, Roque Gagliano (rogaglia) wrote:
>> >
>> > Hacete una escapada al Hilton Buenos Aires o cualquier hotel con
>> > capacidad para 1200 personas y preguntales si te pueden firmar un
>> > contrato garantizando los precios de alquiler de los salones y las
>> > habitaciones para 2016....esa es la definición para un organizador de
>> > eventos y lo que el IAOC está diciendo: no consiguen que el hotel les
>> > mande un contrato para firmar con garantías de precios.
>> Si el contrato fuera en moneda local, sería impracticable. Si fuera en
>> moneda extranjera, sería mas viable. Pero tengo desconocimiento absoluto
>> de toda esta cuestión de como hacen los contratos los hoteles como el
>> Hilton.
>> De cualquier modo, a eso iba justamente mi pregunta: a si la
>> "incertidumbre" se referia a una situación particular actual, u a otra
>> cosa. En este momento (mas allá de la devaluación), no veo nada
>> demasiado *particular*. Está claro, obviamente, que 3 años en Argentina
>> es un período de tiempo un tanto largo :-) como para saber que va a
>> suceder (en particular habiendo elecciones presidenciales en el medio).
>> Pero esa misma ha sido en buena medida la situación de una enorme
>> porcion de los ultimos 35 años.
>> Abrazo,
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