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We are organizing an information meeting about F-Interop, an online
platform for remote interoperability testing, IETF96 Monday 8.30-9.30pm, in
Charlottenburg I.

F-Interop (www.f-interop.eu) is a platform for online and remote
conformance and interoperability testing, targeted at IoT-related standards
(6TiSCH, 6LoWPAN, CoAP, RPL, ...)

The purpose of this info session is to give you a technical overview of the
platform, describe how the IETF community can use and contribute to it, and
get feedback.

The platform is built as part of the 2016-2018 F-Interop H2020 European
project. As part of that project, we will have an open call for entities to
contribute additional tools and test descriptions to the platform. Selected
projects will be funded; we will explain the process during the info
session as well.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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