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Christian O'Flaherty oflaherty at isoc.org
Wed Jul 20 07:45:06 BRT 2016

Los Grupos de trabajo que se reunirán hoy son: (horarios UTC)

WEDNESDAY, July 20, 2016
1000-1230  Morning Session I
Tiergarten      	INT 	dhc         	Dynamic Host Configuration WG
Schoeneberg     	OPS 	bmwg        	Benchmarking Methodology WG
Potsdam II      	OPS 	netconf     	Network Configuration WG
Charlottenburg I  	RTG 	i2rs        	Interface to the Routing System WG - 11:30-12:30
Potsdam III     	RTG 	rtgwg       	Routing Area Working Group WG
Bellevue        	SEC 	ace         	Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments WG
Charlottenburg I  	SEC 	trans       	Public Notary Transparency  WG - CANCELED
Potsdam I       	TSV 	quic        	QUIC BOF

1400-1530  Afternoon Session I
Lincke          	ART 	cdni        	Content Delivery Networks Interconnection WG
Schoeneberg     	ART 	modern      	Managing, Ordering, Distributing, Exposing, & Registering telephone Numbers WG
Charlottenburg II/III  	INT 	dnssd       	Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery  WG
Potsdam III     	IRTF	cfrg        	Crypto Forum 
Bellevue        	OPS 	opsec       	Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure WG
Potsdam II      	RTG 	ccamp       	Common Control and Measurement Plane WG
Charlottenburg I  	RTG 	manet       	Mobile Ad-hoc Networks WG
Potsdam I       	RTG 	nvo3        	Network Virtualization Overlays WG
Tiergarten      	TSV 	mptcp       	Multipath TCP WG

1550-1720  Afternoon Session II
Tiergarten      	ART 	regext      	Registration Protocols Extensions WG
Charlottenburg I  	ART 	sipcore     	Session Initiation Protocol Core WG
Bellevue        	IRTF	hrpc        	Human Rights Protocol Considerations 
Potsdam II      	RTG 	isis        	IS-IS for IP Internets WG
Schoeneberg     	RTG 	roll        	Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks WG
Lincke          	SEC 	oauth       	Web Authorization Protocol WG
Charlottenburg II/III  	TSV 	tsvwg       	Transport Area Working Group WG - Shared slot with AQM

Para participar en forma remota de alguna de esas sesiones (o para los remote hubs): https://ietf96.conf.meetecho.com

No olvidar registrarse como participante remoto: https://www.ietf.org/registration/ietf96/ietfreg.py

Christian O'Flaherty  oflaherty at isoc.org
Regional Development - Internet Society 
Skype/Gmail/Yahoo!:  christian.oflaherty 
Mobile/WhatsApp: +598 98769636

> On Jul 19, 2016, at 10:41 AM, Christian O'Flaherty <oflaherty at isoc.org> wrote:
> Hola, los que participarán en forma remota en algún WG del IETF recuerden registrarse. Lo mismo para quienes participan desde un Hub.
> Registro (sin costo para participantes remotos): https://ietf.org/meeting/register.html
> Agenda en UTC https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/96/agenda-utc
> Si desean organizar un Hub: http://goo.gl/forms/74A3BnHRG7QwmlNH3
> Grupos de Trabajo hoy Martes (horarios de Berlin):
> 1000-1230  Morning Session I
> Potsdam III     	ART 	slim        	Selection of Language for Internet Media WG - 10:00-11:30
> Potsdam III     	GEN 	imtg        	International Meeting Arrangements BOF - 11:30-12:30
> Bellevue        	INT 	6man        	IPv6 Maintenance WG
> Potsdam I       	IRTF	irtfopen    	IRTF Open Meeting 
> Tiergarten      	OPS 	opsawg      	Operations and Management Area Working Group WG - Combined with OPSAREA
> Schoeneberg     	RTG 	idr         	Inter-Domain Routing WG
> Charlottenburg II/III  	SEC 	tls         	Transport Layer Security WG
> Charlottenburg I  	TSV 	nfsv4       	Network File System Version 4 WG
> Potsdam II      	TSV 	rmcat       	RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques WG
> 1230-1345  Upcoming ZSK and KSK Changes to the Root Zone - Bellevue
> 1400-1600  Afternoon Session I
> Tiergarten      	ART 	cellar      	Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission WG
> Charlottenburg II/III  	ART 	core        	Constrained RESTful Environments WG
> Schoeneberg     	ART 	stir        	Secure Telephone Identity Revisited WG
> Potsdam III     	RTG 	rtgwg       	Routing Area Working Group WG
> Charlottenburg I  	SEC 	ipsecme     	IP Security Maintenance and Extensions WG
> Bellevue        	SEC 	tokbind     	Token Binding WG
> Potsdam II      	TSV 	ippm        	IP Performance Metrics WG
> Potsdam I       	TSV 	l4s         	Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput BOF
> 1620-1820  Afternoon Session II
> Charlottenburg I  	ART 	avtcore     	Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance WG - 17:20-18:20
> Charlottenburg I  	ART 	avtext      	Audio/Video Transport Extensions WG - 1620-1720
> Potsdam II      	ART 	uta         	Using TLS in Applications WG
> Schoeneberg     	ART 	webpush     	Web-Based Push Notifications WG - CANCELED
> Potsdam III     	IRTF	t2trg       	Thing-to-Thing 
> Tiergarten      	OPS 	netmod      	NETCONF Data Modeling Language WG
> Potsdam I       	RTG 	rtgarea     	Routing Area Open Meeting 
> Bellevue        	SEC 	dots        	DDoS Open Threat Signaling WG
> Charlottenburg II/III  	TSV 	tcpinc      	TCP Increased Security WG
> Christian

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