[lacnog] [SPAM]Datacenters in Mexico / LATAM connectivity

Jerome Lepage - AKEROZ j.lepage en akeroz.net
Lun Jul 19 10:51:46 BRT 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm new at this ML, nice to meet you all.
I don't know if i have to write in english or spanish,
i choose english because i'm more confortable with.

My compagny based in France, looking for going en Mexico and more globally on LATAM markets.
Did you know if (serious) datacenter(s) exists on Jalisco / Mexico ?
I haven't found any information yet, (please) you could help me if you have any  :)

My contacts with some IP transit sellers tell me that Miami is the "POP" where
you can have good connections with pretty much all LATAM.
(I'm torn on working from US)
Have you some report / advise / feedback ?
Did you know another good "POP", which is not expensive ?

Thanks for all you message by advance.
Please excuse my poor english ;)

You can contact me directly.

Kind regards

Jerome Lepage

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