[lacnog] Datacenters in Mexico / LATAM connectivity

Jerome Lepage - AKEROZ j.lepage en akeroz.net
Lun Jul 19 15:09:38 BRT 2010

Hi again,

Thanks you all for your feedback on ML or in private message.
That's pretty much what i expected, and first informations collected from France.
But a direct advice from local users / providers is important too. ;)

All your informations is really helpfull, and (again) thanks for sharing it.
I wish you all the best.

Kind regards 
Jerome Lepage

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> Hello Jerome,
> If you are looking for low latency in country, speficically for Mexico,
> there is no Guadalajara DC that I know of. The 2 major DC markets are
> Monterey (North) and Mexico City/Queretaro (Center). In both cases you
> have many players like Triara (Telmex), Alestra (formerly AT&T), Kio,
> HP, IBM and a few others as the highest tier players. There are other
> smaller providers as well and you can do a search on them.
> If you want to server LATAM as a whole (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia,
> Panama, Argentina, etc.) then all have great connectivity to Miami, the
> southern countries also have good connectivity to NY (case of Brazil).
> Latency can be over 100 ms. And in many cases way more than that.
> Another option could be to use a CDN provider like Akamai, Limelight,
> etc. to reduce latency as you grow users.
> Mike
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> Hi everybody,
> I'm new at this ML, nice to meet you all.
> I don't know if i have to write in english or spanish,
> i choose english because i'm more confortable with.
> My compagny based in France, looking for going en Mexico and more
> globally on LATAM markets.
> Did you know if (serious) datacenter(s) exists on Jalisco / Mexico ?
> I haven't found any information yet, (please) you could help me if you
> have any  :)
> My contacts with some IP transit sellers tell me that Miami is the "POP"
> where
> you can have good connections with pretty much all LATAM.
> (I'm torn on working from US)
> Have you some report / advise / feedback ?
> Did you know another good "POP", which is not expensive ?
> Thanks for all you message by advance.
> Please excuse my poor english ;)
> You can contact me directly.
> Kind regards
> Jerome Lepage
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