[lacnog] Fwd: [routing-wg] AS Relations typing

Rodrigo Regis dos Santos rsantos en nic.br
Vie Ago 2 14:25:08 BRT 2013

Me parece una muy buena herramienta. Pero, no tiene información sobre la
red IPv6?

Rodrigo Regis

> Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 18:35:20 +0200
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> Subject: [lacnog] Fwd: [routing-wg] AS Relations typing
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> No la vi en detalle a la herramienta todavia, pero me encantaria
> escuchar el feedback de la lista.
> slds,
> Carlos
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> Subject: 	[routing-wg] AS Relations typing
> Date: 	Wed, 31 Jul 2013 19:42:52 +0400
> From: 	Alexander Azimov <aa en highloadlab.com>
> To: 	routing-wg en ripe.net
> Dear colleagues,
> We?d like to introduce to Routing WG our system for AS relationships
> typing http://radar.qrator.net/. It is based on imitation mathematical
> model with use of AS paths recovered from BGP views and novel active
> verification abilities that could detect priorities on every level of
> BGP decision making process.  Using web-interface you can explore
> information about AS relations, predicted traffic ingress flows from
> Tier-1 providers to each AS according to prepend policy. Also you can
> experiment with model for any existing or even planned AS by adding new
> connections and see how traffic ingress model will change, in just an
> instant. Additionally we monitor and gather security network anomalies
> such as: dynamic and static loops, DDoS amplifiers and botnet activity
> in every AS and on geographical map. Full disclosure of security issues
> is available for registered users related to particular AS.
> The work is still in progress, and there's a lot to be done, as we
> aspire to achieve better accuracy. We need for your reviews and bug
> reports - there is a comfy bug report button where you can send us
> screenshot with highlighted issue and additional comments in just couple
> of mouse-clicks.
> Also, as we went on with our research, we managed to obtain an
> interesting data regarding precision and accuracy of different RIR and
> RIPE-DB in particular. We also ready to present the comparison of
> declared/existing connectivity and priorities, if this topic is
> interesting for community.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Azimov
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