[lacnog] FW: [sidr] announcing virtual interim meeting Wed 29 Oct 2014

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Mar Oct 28 18:41:44 BRST 2014


Esta es la información sobre la reunión interina de sidr para discutir el tema de BGPSEC.

Abajo está la información sobre el material, la agenda (1hr de tutorial + 1hr discusión) y la información de acceso.  La reunión es a las 11am (Santiago).


On 10/28/14, 5:21 PM, "Sandra Murphy" <sandy en tislabs.com<mailto:sandy en tislabs.com>> wrote:

This is a reminder that there is a virtual interim meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 10amEDT-12pmEDT.

The slides have been uploaded to the meeting materials site:


The agenda is as below and is also posted to the meeting materials site:


We can use the sidr jabber room for the usual side commentary.

There will be an audio telecon available:

US Toll Free 1 888 598.1409

Participant passcode:  2085663 then #

For those not in the US, there is an International direct number: +1 720 389.1159

There is also a long list of local access codes per country.  See the attached pdf.

Note that the purpose of this virtual meeting is background tutorial for the IDR folk who have not been following SIDR, so they have a basis to comment productively in the joint SIDR/IDR meeting at IETF91.  This is not a SIDR meeting for the purpose of discussing SIDR issues or suggestions or such.

SIDR folk are welcome to participate if you wish, of course.


On Oct 14, 2014, at 12:27 PM, Sandra Murphy <sandy en tislabs.com<mailto:sandy en tislabs.com>> wrote:

> At the upcoming IETF, sidr and idr will hold a joint session for the purpose of discussing the bgpsec protocol.
> The idr and sidr chairs think that there would be benefit in having a short virtual meeting before hand to get the idr folk who have not been following sidr up to speed on the bgpsec protocol basics, so they can contribute effectively in the joint meeting in Hawaii.
> There will be a sidr virtual meeting on Wed 29 Oct 2014 from 10am-12pm EDT and all interested idr folk are invited to participate.  (There won't be much point if you don't!)
> The agenda is
> 1 hr overview and tutorial of bgpsec:
> - underpinings of what BGPSEC/SIDR is
> - why are we here? map of documents
> - origin validation today
> - path validation tomorrow
> - note particular points where bgpsec affects bgp, not so much the
>   crypto but where bgp behaviour may change
> 1 hr of questions and answers.
> slides to be made available ahead of time
> details of the conference technology (webex, google hangout, etc) will be sent to the mailing list.
> --Sandy, speaking as one of the co-chairs

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