[lacnog] PTT Metro Figura en Articulo de Fortune

Felipe Tribaldos felipe en tribaldos.com
Mar Jun 9 13:00:52 BRT 2015

Saldra en la edicion print de Junio 15.


PTT Metro São Paulo


This Brazilian facility is the biggest and most trafficked Internet
exchange in all of Latin America. Nearly 600 networks (including Facebook
 FB -1.13%  and Google  GOOG -0.44% ) have taken up residence in the
exchange—as many as the company’s 24 other facilities combined. Because so
many transatlantic submarine cables land ashore along Brazil’s gigantic,
meandering coastline, the country has quickly become a telecommunications
hotspot. The nation has pushed aggressively to expand its digital
infrastructure and rely less on the U.S. and its well-known tech giants,
especially after learning that it was the second-most-snooped-upon by the
NSA—after the U.S., of course.
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