[lacnog] Usando originAS del WHOIS para aceptar prefijos

Carlos M. Martinez carlosm3011 en gmail.com
Mie Ene 3 12:04:20 BRST 2018

Hi Job,

On 3 Jan 2018, at 9:06, Job Snijders wrote:

> At this moment NTT is not importing RPKI data into their IRR at
> rr.ntt.net, but I'd welcome feedback and guidance on whether the 
> community thinks this is useful or not.

Around 30% of LACNIC-assigned IPv4 space is covered by ROAs. In our 
case, I’d say this is significant enough to give it a try.

For our region I believe it makes more sense to use our RPKI data than 
to use WHOIS, although of course importing WHOIS as well should not 


*(unless there is a conflict)

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