[lacnog] Registro de puertos de origen en servidores web / Source Port Logging on Web Servers

Fernando Gont fernando en gont.com.ar
Sab Mar 23 19:36:30 -03 2019

On 23/3/19 13:14, Fernando Frediani wrote:
> Hello Fernando
> I mean social responsability in the sense of if a crime has been
> commited (even if it doesn't affect you) but if you have information
> that can help to solve that situation you are contributing to something
> that is in the interest of all.
> That's probably the main reaon some laws enforce, not forgetting the
> concerns of people's privancy.
> But even though it could easily be something that directlly affects you
> (your systems and your business) and in that case it is even more
> important to you having the necessary information to seek for
> compensation and claim the state assistance for that if necessary.

When it comes to my own systems, I'd say it is more important to me to
deploy systems in such a way that they are not hackable by somebody that
is novice enough to attempt to hack them from his/her own home.

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