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> On Nov 29, 2019, at 7:14 AM, Fernando Gont <fgont en si6networks.com> wrote:
> On 28/11/19 19:11, Bill Woodcock wrote:
>>> On Nov 28, 2019, at 9:55 PM, Fernando Gont <fgont en si6networks.com> wrote:
>>> ISOC no es una non-profit inscripta en USA?  Entonces, si el objetivo es dejar de depender de la politica norteamericana, el primer paso no deberia ser dejar de serlo?
>> The US government doesn't exercise very much control over non-profits generally, other than to ensure that they operate in the public benefit and in accordance with both their charter and the tax authority's rules.
> Just curious: What about the ability of ISOC to perform activities and
> direct funds to activities in USA-sanctioned countries such as Cuba an Iran?

Well, that’s not generally what ISOC does, but hypothetically, it’s unlikely that their US incorporation would preclude them from work in those countries, should they want to do so.  PCH is also incorporated in the US, and we’ve worked in both countries, as well as other countries under US sanctions, always with OFAC clearance.  For us, it’s not been a problem because we weren’t doing work for, or to principally benefit, the governments of those countries.  Hosting a ccTLD or building an IXP or getting a CERT going, for instance, the things we do, are services to the people, the public, rather than the government.  I think it’s also helpful that we offer the services globally, and not just to specific parties.

But anyway, that’s about us rather than about ISOC, so not really to the point of this particular conversation.


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