[lacnog] Diseño de mi primer punto de intercambio ip.

Rubens Kuhl rubensk en gmail.com
Jue Abr 1 12:35:37 -03 2021

On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 11:10 AM Lucas Willian Bocchi <lucas.bocchi en gmail.com>

> Luiz Gustavo
> And I say as route-server too. You won't know what people do to won't have
> any preocupation to buy or use a hardware to do a correct job.
> When I ask to you data that confirm your affirmations, I say that because,
> as I know, obviously, the majority of people using quagga/frr, not bird.
> See: you have sayed that IX.br use bird but when I connect to these
> route-servers I see only quagga.
IX.br uses BIRD. SP uses BIRD 1.6 with multi-BIRD configuration, other
cities use BIRD 2. This has been mentioned a number of times in IX-Forums,
the IX.br event.
The looking glass is just another of the IX clients, and could even be a
Cisco 2501.

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