[lacnog] Subasignación de prefijos a otro ASN y el tema con los RoA

Mike Burns mike en iptrading.com
Jue Feb 3 18:43:05 -03 2022


I hardly know whether you are being serious.
Yes, IP registrations are public, but the use of them is not.
I think your request to publish my clients' leased blocks borders on
If you persist in believing that only legacy addresses can be leased, you
will probably be informed by people other than me that you are wrong.

Why don't you point to the actual words in the RIR policies or contracts
that make you so sure of your beliefs?
I have asked over and over, but hear crickets from your side.

The staff of every RIR monitors these lists and I think if any of them had
evidence supporting yours' and Fernando's  contentions that they would speak
up to correct misinformation you think I am providing.

You are free to disbelieve me, to think that all the many IPv4 lessors on
the Internet are breaking law and policy, that only legacy can be leased,
that ROAs are not available to lessees. But you are wrong and will learn
that from others unless I miss my guess.


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On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 5:41 PM Mike Burns <mike en iptrading.com> wrote:
> It's a violation of the mailing list policy and my clients' privacy.

IP addresses are publicly visible resources, so that's bogus. So either such
addresses do not exist, and are in fact all legacy, or they do exist in
violation of RIR policies and contracts, and you are not putting your
actions and your writings in the same direction.

> Why not simply visit http://cloud-ipv4.net/ to see how to least APNIC
addresses despite Fernando's claims?
> Why not visit https://www.ipxo.com/features/delegated-rpki/ to learn about
ROAs and leasing?
> These sites have no relation to me, just do the google search and you will
find your answers quickly.

You are the one claiming no wrongdoing but not willing to back it up with
transparency. You can't say whether other leasers are doing something wrong
or not, so listing their listings won't cut in this argument. Either publish
a list (can be on a Google doc with just a link to not pollute the mailing
list) or stop incentivizing wrongdoing by others.

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