[lacnog]         Subasignación de prefijos a otro ASN y el tema con los RoA

Mike Burns mike en iptrading.com
Vie Feb 4 11:40:22 -03 2022

My first two questions were incorrectly phrased and meant to be together.  You can lease blocks anywhere in the world but if they're lacnic or afrinic there is a risk. As far as you coming to understand that non-legacy blocks are currently in lease today I suggest you just email JCurran en arin.net if you feel he will give you a dispositive answer but you are wrong and we should not let wrong information persist on this list.

As I said earlier there are increasing demands for leasing as a result of the very steep purchase prices and the misinformation you are providing is not helping Network operators.

At least the original poster received a correct answer to his question through this discourse.

Mike ---- On Thu, 03 Feb 2022 18:46:35 -0500  rubensk en gmail.com  wrote ----On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 8:34 PM Mike Burns <mike en iptrading.com> wrote:
> Hi Rubens,
> Are we in agreement that leasing of both legacy and non-legacy space is legal and policy-compliant everywhere in the world?

No, we are not.

> But that you can't lease out addresses registered in LACNIC and AFRINIC without risk of revocation?

In this we agree.

> And that the original poster did not think that leasing with ROA was possible, but it is in fact possible?

Now he knows. ;-)

> Are you still of the belief that only legacy blocks can be leased?

Yes, and I will try test cases with all RIRs you believe allow that as
soon as such blocks come to my attention.

> You can be in Latin America or Africa and lease blocks from a lessor in ARIN, APNIC, or RIPE, receive an ROA, and break no laws or policies.
> I hope everybody understands this.

That depends on the origin of the block and how such a block came to
be allocated to the lessor. So different from your very self-serving
advice, my advice is for networks to perform very thorough due
diligence on the origin of the block.

But indeed this is not related to where the network leasing the block
operates or where the company is incorporated. All RIRs will respect
the original allocating authority judgment on the righteousness of the

> You can say hi to John Curran and give him my regards as he educates you.

ICANN canceling Puerto Rico will likely postpone that for a while, but
there are some online opportunities I could take to discuss this
subject with him.

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