[lacnog] Migración del core RPKI de LACNIC - 15 de abril 2024

Job Snijders job en sobornost.net
Lun Abr 8 19:34:49 -03 2024

Dear Carlos, LACNOG, and wider community,

I very much appreciate how LACNIC worked with various stakeholders
before publicly committing to the schedule outlined in Carlos' email.

>From what I can see, LACNIC pro-actively and properly tested their
purported post-migration environment with very broad set of old and new
versions of a myriad of RPKI cache implementations. Then they also
reached out to anyone they could think of, in a timely manner - to
accommodate the opportunity for feedback and confirm compliance with
IETF RPKI standards pre/during/post the upcoming migration.

LACNIC - your plan seems solid; thank you for sharing it with us.

Kind regards,


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