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Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 00:47:02 BRT 2014

Hola Erick,
  Me parece super buena la respuesta recibida de ISC..., solo me queda
decirte que en caso de que quieras/puedas compartir tu experiencia
despues seria genial!!. Yo he usado el ISC DHCP mas no conocia el Kea..

Saludos y mucha suerte con la opcion que elijas!!,


El 9/23/2014 a las #4, Erick Lobo Marín escribió:
> Copio respuesta de ISC:
> 2014-09-23 10:24 GMT-06:00 Tomek Mrugalski <tomasz at isc.org
> <mailto:tomasz at isc.org>>:
> On 23.09.2014 16:37, Erick Lobo Marín wrote:
> > Hi, What alternative recommended for select DHCP in a Network
> Enterprise:
> >
> > a) The roadmap ISC DHCP 4.3 .x
> > b) The roadmap kea DHCP, currently in version 0.9 ?
> Those two DHCP solutions are in radically different cycles.
> ISC DHCP is an old, well proven software with lots of features and
> history behind it. Its development is slower than Kea. ISC provides paid
> support for ISC DHCP, if you need it. ISC DHCP supports failover for
> DHCPv4, while Kea does not.
> Kea is a new solution that officially haven't reached 1.0. ISC does not
> offer support contract for it yet. It is in many cases much faster than
> ISC DHCP. It has fewer features, but has some features that are not
> present in ISC DHCP (e.g. hooks or lease storage in MySQL or Postgres).
> As this is a relatively young software, it is sometimes a bit rough on
> edges. On the other hand, it is being very actively developed.
> Significant new features are added every release.
> If you report a bug, it is more likely that Kea will be able to deliver
> a fix faster. (That obviously depends on the severity of the bug. I'm
> thinking about a typical bug, not a security issue).
> So if you consider yourself an early adopter, you may want to take a
> look at Kea. If you want to know current state of Kea capabilities, the
> following 2 links could be useful:
> http://kea.isc.org/wiki/KeaUpdate2 - May 2014
> http://kea.isc.org/wiki/KeaUpdate3 - Set 2014
> So it's really up to you and your specific preferences. Do you need to
> keep your leases in MySQL? Use Kea. Do you need to do fancy client
> management and access control? ISC DHCP will probably be better. Do you
> plan to extend your DHCP server with your own logic, consult with
> external database, log in some unusual way? Then perhaps hooks in Kea
> are more appealing for you? Excited about new features being added
> frequently? Pick Kea. Need stability with minimal changes? Pick ISC
> DHCP, preferably ESV. Do you need host reservation? If yes, what is your
> deployment timeframe? ISC DHCP supports it for a decade or more. Kea
> will support it in upcoming 0.9.1, which is couple months away.
> Need high performance? How big is your enterprise? How many leases/sec
> or how many subnets you expect the server to be handling? Do you need
> full failover? Maybe MySQL or Postgres high availability solutions will
> be enough for you?
> These are all questions you will need to answer yourself. My
> recommendation is that you should get both, test them and see which one
> works better for you.
> Hope that helps,
> Tomek
> 2014-09-23 14:29 GMT-06:00 Tomek Mrugalski <tomasz at isc.org
> <mailto:tomasz at isc.org>>:
> On 23/09/14 21:45, Erick Lobo Marín wrote:
> > Hi Tomek, Very complete your response. A doubt:
> > What is the extended support version (ESV) release?
> See http://www.isc.org/downloads/software-support-policy/
> Atentamente,
> Erick Lobo
> Costa Rica
> lgD
> El 22 de septiembre de 2014, 14:25, Erick Lobo Marín
> <erick.lobo at cgr.go.cr <mailto:erick.lobo at cgr.go.cr>> escribió:
>     Hola,
>     Conocen alguna implementación "Kea DHCP versión 0.9  (también
>     llamado BIND 10) "?
>     Lo han podido comparar con la versión más reciente del "ISC DHCP"?
>     Alguna experiencia, al respecto?
>     Muchas gracias,
>     Erick Lobo
>     Costa Rica
>     lgD
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