[LACNIC/Napla] Lacnic XII / NAPLA - Q & A

Serge Radovcic serge at euro-ix.net
Tue Jun 2 07:34:31 BRT 2009

Hi Gabriel et al,

On 6/2/09 5:14 AM, "gabriel.adonaylo at bt.com" <gabriel.adonaylo at bt.com>

> Acerca de las preguntas pendientes, una de ellas iba dirigida a Serge por su
> experiencia en Europa. Uno de los oradores que tuvo el día volvió a mencionar
> acerca de la "interconexión de NAPs". Quisiera entender si la evolución de los
> IXs en Europa tuvo alguna relación con este hecho. Los IXs de esa región están
> o no interconectados?
> -------------------------
> As for the open questions, one of them was pointed in Serge direction due to
> his experience in Europe. One of the speakers brought the topic of
> "interconnecting NAPs". I would like to understand if the evolution of
> European IXs had any relation with this matter. Are IXs in that region
> interconnected?

In general the answer would be "no". And I would say that there is even a
trend or plan for this to be the case.

There are a very few, and I mean around five of the 110 IXPs in Europe that
have initiated such interconnection plans over the years, a few of these
have been commercial internet exchanges and one of them had quite a bit of
success in doing this, while the others that have gone down this road have
been 'government' run IXPs that were looking to connect local government
networks with each other, this was generally done on a regional or sometimes
national level.

Most IXPs in Europe tend to be associations and their policies are generally
directly or indirectly put in place by their membership. And many of their
members would not be strongly opposed to such plans of connecting IXPs,
mainly for the reason that they feel that they would be losing business
through these connections and that the IXP would now be in competition with
them on a regional, national or even international scale.

So how does the Latin American IXP community feel about interconnecting
IXPs? Have their been attempts in the past to do this? Are there some
planning to do this?


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