[LACNIC/Napla] Lacnic XII / NAPLA - Q & A

Serge Radovcic serge at euro-ix.net
Tue Jun 2 07:45:11 BRT 2009


I think I was writing a little too quickly....Just to be clear...... I meant
to say that there is "NO" trend of IXPs interconnecting and that the members
of association run IXPs would be "STRONGLY OPPOSED" to such interconnection


On 6/2/09 12:34 PM, "Serge Radovcic" <serge at euro-ix.net> wrote:

> In general the answer would be "no". And I would say that there is even a
> trend or plan for this to be the case.
> There are a very few, and I mean around five of the 110 IXPs in Europe that
> have initiated such interconnection plans over the years, a few of these
> have been commercial internet exchanges and one of them had quite a bit of
> success in doing this, while the others that have gone down this road have
> been 'government' run IXPs that were looking to connect local government
> networks with each other, this was generally done on a regional or sometimes
> national level.
> Most IXPs in Europe tend to be associations and their policies are generally
> directly or indirectly put in place by their membership. And many of their
> members would not be strongly opposed to such plans of connecting IXPs,
> mainly for the reason that they feel that they would be losing business
> through these connections and that the IXP would now be in competition with
> them on a regional, national or even international scale.
> So how does the Latin American IXP community feel about interconnecting
> IXPs? Have their been attempts in the past to do this? Are there some
> planning to do this?

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