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marcelo bagnulo braun marcelo at it.uc3m.es
Sun Jul 17 07:52:02 BRT 2005

Hola Roque,

si, a mi me parece un disparate tambien

tener en cuenta que la eficiencia requerida resultante del uso del HD 
ratio para un /19 es de 1,8%!!!!

ademas, en draft-narten-iana-rir-ipv6-considerations-00.txt se lantea 
un ejemplo que me parece ilustrar muy bien tu preocupacion, lo 
transcribo para uds.

4.1.  An example: Cable Modem/DSL Service in US

    In the hallway at a recent ARIN meeting, I was cornered by someone
    who had done a back-of-the envelope calculation that led him to
    believe the current policies needed adjustment. The argument went

       If I assign 4M /48Ç«÷s of IPv6 (one to each cable modem on my
       network), according to the HD-ratio I am justified to obtain
       something around a /20 of IPv6 addresses.  In other words, I am
       justified in getting 268M /48Ç«÷s even though I am only using 4M 
       them.  That would be enough for me to assign at least two for
       every household in the US (not just the 19M on my network).

       Now if all the cable providers (e.g., Comcast, Cox, Adelphia,
       Cablevision, Time-Warner, etc.) did the same for their networks;
       and each of the DSL companies made a similar move (SBC, Verizon,
       Quest, etc.); perhaps we could easily see the broadband market in
       the US alone obtaining some 16 /20Ç«÷s of IPv6 or a total of /16.
       There are only 8192 of those available in the current global
       unicast space of 2001::/3.

       Anyhow, you can see where this might lead...

Saludos, marcelo

PD: este tema se esta discutiendo en la lista global-v6
global-v6 mailing list
global-v6 at lists.apnic.net
seria bueno que enviaramos nuestros comentarios ahi, de forma que las 
opiniones del lacnic tambien se tomen en cuenta

El 17/07/2005, a las 6:56, rgaglian at adinet.com.uy escribió:

> Marcelo,
> Hace tiempo que queria contestarte este correo con un comentario que 
> he escuchado
> más de una vez.
> ¿¿¿Cómo hizo D-Telecom para justificar un /19???
> No he estudiado mucho las políticas actuales de RIPE pero claramente 
> se desprende
> del resto de los RIR por estos bloques gigantes de direcciones 
> asignados
> a algunos proveedores.
> Un /19 se podría dividir en 539 millones de /48. Es mi impresión que 
> el plan
> de numeración que utilizaron (y amparados en el RFC vigente) da un /48 
> a
> cada usuario DSL y A CADA CELULAR.
> Lo que es interesante es que el draft, a primera vista, no estudia la 
> asignación
> de direcciones para empresas celulares/moviles.
> Un abrazo
> Roque
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>>> 	Pages		: 8
>>> 	Date		: 2005-7-12
>>>    This document revisits the IAB/IESG recommendations on the
>>> assignment
>>>    of IPv6 address space to end sites. Specifically, it indicates 
>>> that
>>>    changing the default end-site assignment for typical home and SOHO
>>>    sites from /48 to /56 is consistent with the goals of IPv6 and RFC
>>>    3177. Although it is for the RIR community to make adjustments to
>>> the
>>>    IPv6 address space allocation and end site assignment policies, 
>>> the
>>>    IETF community would be comfortable with RIRs changing the default
>>>    assignment size to /56 for smaller end sites. This document
>>> obsoletes
>>>    RFC 3177 and reclassifies it as historic.
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