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Summary LACNIC Policy Discussion March 13th - March 31st

Nicolas Antoniello proposes the following policy.

Modification IPv6 allocation requirements.
This proposal eliminates the following requirement:
- Announce a single block in the Internet inter-domain routing system,
aggregating the total IPv6 address allocation received, within a period not
longer than 12 months.

Additionally, it is ask to promote such elimination in other RIR

According tho the proposer the problem raises when a RIR assign a /28 prefix
(for example) to an ISP which has 3 internet links with 3 different carriers
(tier 1 carriers, for example) using BGP publications. The ISP must
through all the 3 links the /28 without the possibility of dissagregation.
The problem with this policy is that by doing this, the ISP loses control of
the traffic, not being able to distribute the traffic over the 3 different

This proposal brought a long discussion about the convenience of such

Cons raised

- Goes against original IPv6 design
- In order to work must be approved in all regions.
- Break Aggregation

Pros raised

- Give liberty to the IPv6 space holder about the size of the prefixes
- facilitate routing,
- May save money, important for developing regions.

IPv6 Lame Delegation

It was raised the fact that the according to the the Lame Delegation Policy
the verification only include the in-addr.arpa zone, even tough in the
practice the verification includes the ip6.arpa zone. It was noted also that
verification in the case of ip6.arpa is made only in the /32 delegation and
not in each /48.

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