[LACNIC/Politicas] LACNIC Policy Summary April 1st - 22nd

German Valdez german at lacnic.net
Sun Apr 22 20:52:42 BRT 2007

LACNIC Policy Summary April 1st - 22nd

The following proposal summaries related to the IPv6 Allocation policy have
been submitted by Jordi Palet.

IPv6 Independent Provider Assignment for End Sites.
This proposal consider the following modification to the current policy:
- A new definition of end site
- Eliminates the requirement of not being a end user or end site in order to
qualify to received an IPv6 block.
- As part of the conditions to maintain an IPv6 block, in the section
regarding offering IPv6 services to customers before 24 months, are added
the cases of related entities including departments or sites belonging to
the applicant.  
This new proposal pick up comments and suggestion made in previous
discussion of the same proposal.

Elimination "interim" reference.
This proposal updates references about the interim status of the IPv6
Allocation Policy document. This references inside the document came from
the early version of this policy before the LACNIC creation.

Elimination multiples /48 assignment requirement. This proposal look for
eliminates the requirement of justify before LACNIC in the case an ISP have
to assign multiples /48 to a single end site.

ULA Central IPv6 Allocations. This proposal seeks to allow allocation inside
the prefix called Centrally Assigned Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses (
http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-central-01, ULA-central) to
organizations (companies or individuals). This addresses are globally unique
and are only use for local communication, usually inside a site or multiple
sites and are not expected to be routed or announced in Internet.

Fully text will be available in English soon.

Other English messages like a IRR service in LACNIC region are available at

and a chair remainder of the deadline for submitting proposal to the list at

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