[LACNIC/Politicas] Política de publicaciones de bloques IPv6

Nicolás Antoniello nicolas at antel.net.uy
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Envié la pregunta al foro de nanog... les adjunto la primer respuesta que 
llegó y desde mi punto de vista, hasta que encontremos una mejor solución, 
sería prudente modificar la política a nivel de todos los RIR para 
permitir la división de prefijos en las publicaciones.

Que opinan?

Del foro de nanog:

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Nicolas- This is a problem for many networks and ISP's.  It is identified 
as a problem and the solution is currently being worked on at IETF and the 
IAB.  The solution could be as simple as allowing deaggregation, however 
due to routing architecture and its limits, we as a community are looking 
into a more stable solution.

If you would like to review the current solution sets that exist today of 
which people in the IETF community are working with, please read the 
article at http://nro.org/documents/nro42.html Be advised, none of the 
solutions on this document are completely sounds as they are written 
today.  We need to work as a community to expand upon one or more of them 
to create a GOOD solution.

Marla Azinger
Frontier Communications
ARIN Advisory Council

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Subject: IPv6 section of ARIN Number Resource Policy (Sec


This question is about the IPv6 section of ARIN Number Resource Policy

>From the manual (Section

----- Initial allocation criteria

c. Plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations to which it will
assign IPv6 address space, by advertising that connectivity through its
single aggregated address allocation

We have a problem with this policy and we would like to know if any other
ISP experienced the same...

The problem raises when a RIR assign a /28 prefix (for example) to an ISP
which has 3 internet links with 3 different carriers (tier 1 carriers, for
example) using BGP publications.

Acording to ARIN (and most other RIRs) policy, the ISP must advertise
through all the 3 links the /28 without the possibility of dissagregation.
The problem with this policy is that by doing this, the ISP loses control
of the traffic, not being able to distribute the traffic over the 3
different links.

A /28 prefix may have a lot of incoming traffic associated to it, so I
believe the dissagregation (subnets) of the prefix should be allowed by
the policy.

What do you think? Do you have a similar problem?

Nicolas Antoniello.

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