[LACNIC/Politicas] Proposal for the creation of a working group.

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Tue Oct 9 10:25:49 BRT 2007


Continuando con el tema que plantee ayer en la 
lista, estoy adjuntando una propuesta que he 
enviado también a las listas de políticas de los 
otros RIRs para crear un grupo de trabajo con 
participación de personas de todas las regiones.

Debido a que no es una propuesta de política no 
se exactamente como proceder con esta idea.
Apreciaría comentarios y consejos en este sentido 
si es que la propuesta resulta interesante.

En la tarde enviaré versiones en español y portugués.




Proposal for the creation of a cross-regions working group

Some proposals have been submitted through some 
RIR’s policy development process, which focus on
the gradual modification of the requirements for 
receiving IPv4 addresses as the pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses diminishes.

Most or all proposals which have been made appear 
to be incomplete and ineffective if approved in
only one region. Therefore, it is proposed the 
creation of a working group made up by two
appropriate respected individuals active in the 
policy process within each region’s community.
These ten individuals would work on one or more 
joint proposals that could then be processed in
every region according to their corresponding policy development processes.

The objective of the working group would not be 
to produce proposals for global policies, but 
proposals to be sumbitted to every RIRs. The 
conclusion could be, of course, that the 
proposals should be different in each region.

Since the proposal (if there are any) should go 
later through each Policy Development Process, 
there will not be any impact of this proposal in 
the independence of each region to adopt the 
poclicies that are considered more convenients.

Naturally, the proposals that have already been 
presented in relation to this issue would be
important input for this working group, one 
possible conclusion being that these proposals
contain the best possible policies and should be 
presented. Without this level of coordination, it
will be difficult to obtain proposals to be 
submitted for discussion in all regions with
reasonable chances of success. One member of 
each  RIRs staff would also participate in this working
group, in the capacity of observers, so as to 
provide all the support, advice and information
that the group deems necessary. IANA will also be 
invited to appoint up to two persons to the working
group in the same condition of observers.

The working schedule would be defined by the 
group itself, but it should be anticipated that
the proposals, in case it is decided they are 
needed, be presented for their discussion as soon as possible.

The following are some of the ideas that have 
already been presented either formally or
informally and that will be available  for the 
consideration of this working group (but not limited to) :

·        Increasing the requirements for 
receiving additional allocations as IANA’s 
central pool of addresses diminishes.
·        Adding to the current requirements the 
requirement to develop the availability of IPv6 infrastructure.
·        Reducing the sizes of the blocks that 
are allocated as IANA’s central pool of addresses diminishes.
·        Including within the gradual increase of 
restrictions the requirement that when one RIR
runs out of addresses the others will 
automatically be moved to a more conservative 
phase in order to minimize RIR shopping.


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