[LACNIC/Politicas] ARIN Trading Policty

Carlos M. Martinez carlos.martinez at csirt-antel.com.uy
Wed Feb 20 10:26:33 BRT 2008

Muchas gracias Christian!

> Gracias Carlos por la referencia. Adjunto los highlighs de la propuesta:
> * To discourage speculation, a waiting period (proposed at 24 months)
> is required before a transferee (or ordinary resource recipient) can
> become a transferor, or vice versa.
> * Transferees must qualify for IPv4 space (just as they do today when
> getting it from ARIN) before they can receive address space by
> transfer, or solicit space on a listing service.
> * To discourage unnecessarily rapid growth of routing tables, an
> allocation or assignment may not be arbitrarily deaggregated.  To
> allow a transferor to downsize within their existing space, they may
> split off a contiguous address range, once every 12 months, and
> transfer the resulting netblock(s), which are subject to ARIN's
> minimum allocation size, to one or more transferee(s).
> * A transferee may receive one transfer every 6 months, so they'll be
> incented to transfer a block appropriately sized for their needs,
> which will further discourage deaggregation and keep smaller blocks
> available for smaller organizations
> On Feb 18, 2008 4:39 PM, Carlos M. Martinez
> <carlos.martinez at csirt-antel.com.uy> wrote:
>> Hola,
>> ¿alguien puede comentar sobre la politica aparentemente conocida como
>> "trading" de espacio IPv4 que ARIN estaria evaluando?
>> Encontre esta referencia:
>> http://lists.arin.net/pipermail/ppml/2008-February/009978.html
>> slds
>> Carlos
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