[LACNIC/Politicas] End last-call for comments period

Nicolas Antoniello nantoniello at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 20:38:40 BRT 2009

Last August 3rd the last-call for comments for the policy proposal  
that reached consensus during the Public Policy Forum at LACNIC XII.

Following our PDP, the following proposals will be send to the LACNIC  
Board for analysis:

• LAC-2009-01 Global Policy for the allocation of IPv4 Blocks to  
Regional Internet Registries

• LAC-2009-02 IPv6 Allocations to ISPs or LIR with previous IPv4  

• LAC-2009-03 ASPLAIN notation for 32-bit ASNs

• LAC-2009-05 Allocation of 16-bit only ASNs

• LAC-2009-06 Resource Recovery

• LAC-2009-07 Modification of the minimum initial IPv4 allocation size  
for ISPs to a /22

Best regards,

Francisco Arias
Nicolas Antoniello
Chairs LACNIC Open Policy Forum

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