[LACNIC/Politicas] Last Call for Comments Period

Francisco Arias francisco at arias.com.mx
Fri Jun 19 10:50:43 BRT 2009

As a result of the discussions sustained during the LACNIC XII Open
Policy Forum held between May 25th and 29th 2009, in Panama City,
Panama, and as part of LACNIC's Policy Development Process, we open a
last call period for comments to the proposals that reached consensus
during the Open Policy Forum.

This period comprises 45 days, so the deadline to receive your
feedback is August 3th 2009, comments must be sent to this list
politicas at lacnic.net. Afterwards, and according with comments
received, LACNIC's Board of Directors will decide the ratification of
these proposals.

About LACNIC's Policy Development Process:

The following proposals reached consensus during LACNIC XI Open Policy Forum:

* LAC-2009-01 Global Policy for the allocation of IPv4 Blocks to
Regional Internet Registries

* LAC-2009-02 IPv6 Allocations to ISPs or LIR with previous IPv4 allocations

* LAC-2009-03 ASPLAIN notation for 32-bit ASNs

* LAC-2009-05 Allocation of 16-bit only ASNs

* LAC-2009-06 Resource Recovery

* LAC-2009-07 Modification of the minimum initial IPv4 allocation size
for ISPs to a /22

For further information about the topics discussed and presentations
made during LACNIC XII:

Best regards,

Nicolas Antoniello
Francisco Arias
Chairs of Public Policy Forum - LACNIC

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