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Francisco Arias francisco at arias.com.mx
Wed Apr 28 13:18:43 BRT 2010

Parece que pronto tendremos la cadena de confianza de DNSSEC completa
desde la raíz hasta las distribuciones/asignaciones de los RIRs en el
DNS inverso.



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From: Joe Abley <joe.abley at icann.org>
Date: 28 April 2010 06:29
Subject: [lacnog] DNSSEC Deployment in ARPA Children
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ICANN plans to begin a test deployment of DNSSEC in various zones
starting on 2010-04-29:


These zones will be signed using RSASHA256 and NSEC with 2048-bit KSKs
and 1024-bit ZSKs.

Given DNSSEC deployment experience to date, ICANN does not expect the
signing of these zones to cause any operational problems. However,
should you have any concerns please feel free to contact us at
ticket at dns.icann.org or phone +1 310 301 5810 (e-mail/ticket

At the end of the test period, given no observed or reported harmful
effects, ICANN will arrange for trust anchors for these zones to be
included in ARPA as DS RRSets and will invite the five RIRs to submit
DS RRSet add/delete requests in IP6.ARPA when they are ready. We
anticipate the testing period to last at least two weeks.


Joe Abley
Director DNS Operations, ICANN
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