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Max Larson Henry maxlarson.henry at transversal.ht
Fri Sep 17 09:36:43 BRT 2010

Estimado subscriptor de la lista de Políticas de LACNIC:

Los autores originales de la propuesta de LAC-2010-04 discutieron todos los
comentarios y
sugerencias se encuentran por debajo.

Las revisiones en los debates se refieren principalmente a las siguientes

3. Distribuciones de direcciones desde el Pool de Recuperación por parte de
4. Elegibilidad de los RIRs para recibir distribuciones del Pool de

Saludos cordiales,


Estimado participante da lista de Políticas do LACNIC:

Os autores da proposta original LAC-2010-04 discutidos todos os comentários
sugestões estão a seguir.

As revisões em discussões dizem respeito principalmente as seguintes seções:

3. Alocações de endereços desde o Pool de Recuperação por parte da IANA
4. Elegibilidade dos RIRs para receber alocações do Pool de Recuperação

Saudações cordiais,


Dear Policy-list Members,

The original authors of the proposal LAC-2010-04 discussed all of the
feedback and
additional suggestions are below.

The revisions under discussions mainly concern the following sections :

3. Address Allocations from the Reclamation Pool by the IANA
4. RIR Eligibility for Receiving Allocations from the Reclamation Pool

Best regards,


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Hello PPML:

A fair amount of feedback was received with regards to the Subject proposal.
The original authors of the proposal discussed all of the feedback and
additional suggestions are below:

1. Allocation method was unfair

The intent was not for a single RIR to be able to be allocated all available
address space in mass quantities. We do however want any available address
space to be utilized if there is need. We've addressed what we would
characterize as a mechanical issue.

--new text

Section 3. Address Allocations from the Reclamation Pool by the IANA

Allocations from the Reclamation Pool may begin once the pool is declared
active. Addresses in the Reclamation Pool must be allocated on a CIDR
boundary. Allocations from the Reclamation Pool are subject to a minimum
allocation unit equal to the minimum allocation unit of all RIRs and a
maximum allocation unit of one /8. The Reclamation Pool will be divided on
CIDR boundaries and distributed evenly to all eligible RIRs once each
quarter. Any remainder not evenly divisible by the number of eligible RIRs
based on a CIDR boundary equal to or larger than the minimum allocation unit
will remain in the Reclamation Pool. Addresses that are left over will be
held in the Reclamation Pool until additional IP addresses can be returned
to rejoin addresses on CIDR boundaries to the Reclamation Pool or a minimum
allocation unit is set to allow allocation from existing inventory.

2. Without excluding transition space, some RIR's would never be eligible

We've defined a /10 credit to be applied for "all" pools of address space
set-aside by any RIR that has them.

--new text

Section 4. RIR Eligibility for Receiving Allocations from the Reclamation

Upon the exhaustion of an RIR's free space pool and after receiving their
final /8 from the IANA[3], an RIR will become eligible to request address
space from the IANA Reclamation Pool when it publicly announces via its
respective global announcements email list and by posting a notice on its
website that it has exhausted its supply of IPv4 address space. Exhaustion
is defined as an inventory of less than the equivalent of a single /8 and
the inability to further assign address space to its customers in units
equal to or shorter than the longest of any RIR's policy defined minimum
allocation unit. Up to one /10 or equivalent of IPv4 address space
specifically reserved for any special purpose by an RIR will not be counted
against that RIR when determining eligibility unless that space was received
from the IANA reclamation pool. Any RIR that is formed after the ICANN Board
of Directors has ratified this policy is not eligible to utilize this policy
to obtain IPv4 address space from the IANA.

3. Transfer Rights

No plans to make suggestions that the AC modify transfer.

4. Additional comments

One comment [Bill H.] seemed to adequately represent all who may believe
that such a policy is not needed or required; 'No one in their right mind
would return address space to an RIR considering how much it might be
worth'. I'm aware of at least one entity that has signed up to return a /8
in the next month or two. Stay tuned.



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