[LACNIC/Politicas] LACNIC XVI Public Policy Forum

Max Larson Henry maxlarson.henry at transversal.ht
Thu Sep 29 16:38:39 BRT 2011

Dear Policy-list Members,

The next Public Policy Forum is here... in a week. As per LACNIC
Policy Development
Process, we are currently in the 4 weeks period to discuss about the
proposals that have been submitted to the policy list.

How you can participate ?

You can show your support for a proposal
Or you can condition your support to some minor changes that you would
suggest to the authors
Or if you are against a proposal you can feel free to say so and why.

Your participation is key to the success of our next Public Policy Forum

Your comments are welcome.

Nicolas Antoniello
Max Larson Henry

co-Chairs of Public Policy Forum - LACNIC

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