[LACNIC/Politicas] NP: LAC-2021-6 - Mejora Calidad de Politicas

Ricardo Patara patara at registro.br
Thu Oct 14 15:34:03 -03 2021

Hello Max, hope it is all fine at your end!
Nice to chat with you ;-)

Just one comment on one of your last comments bellow:

> -  If the community considers a proposal as very-low-interest, that's
> ok and the existing process will help address that. I don't see the
> need to change that.

that would be the ideal, but that is not what we have seen.

there are proposals "hanging" around for long time, even after low to no 
support from community. some of them, are solutions for "no problem".

in the way proposed, there would be a clear way to only move forward 
those with attraction from the community in general (meaning, it would 
solve a real/existent problem)

btw, I am in favor of the proposal

Best regards,

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