[LACNIC/Politicas] NP: LAC-2021-6 - Mejora Calidad de Politicas

Max Larson Henry maxlarson.henry at transversal.ht
Thu Oct 14 16:17:13 -03 2021

Hi Ricardo,

> there are proposals "hanging" around for long time, even after low to no
> support from community. some of them, are solutions for "no problem".

- Are we talking about 2/ 3 proposals ? 1 or 2 authors ? If the
response is yes, I still would not consider a proposal to address this

In this case, I would think of a more consensual approach... The
co-chair discuss directly with the authors and kindly explore/suggest
withdrawal of the proposal.
I must say that this has worked on multiple occasions in the past and
the authors have always been open to it.

But again, I understand your position might be different ;-).


> in the way proposed, there would be a clear way to only move forward
> those with attraction from the community in general (meaning, it would
> solve a real/existent problem)
> btw, I am in favor of the proposal
> Best regards,
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