[LACNIC/Anuncios] APNIC Announces its IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8

Adriana Rivero adriana at lacnic.net
Fri Apr 15 12:48:00 BRT 2011

Today, Friday 15 April 2011, the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Registry 
announced that they have distributed the final IPv4 address space from 
its reserves of IPv4, which means that as of now they will be allocating 
IPv4 addresses to their members from their last /8.

This is a major step in the process of global IPv4 exhaustion and 
represents an opportunity for all members of the Internet community to 
focus on deploying IPv6 within their organizations.

This event does not affect the allocation of IPv4 addresses from LACNIC 
to its members, as in our region there are still IPv4 address reserves 
available. Information and statistics on IPv4 resources available at 
LACNIC can be found at:


Adopt IPv6 Today
For the past years LACNIC has been informing the need to adopt the new 
protocol and promoting IPv6 deployment within the region. Today, IPv6 
adoption is required to ensure continued Internet growth and development.

Information and details about IPv6 within the region are available at 
LACNIC's IPv6 Portal:


IPv6 will be a key topic at our upcoming LACNIC XV event to be held in 
Cancun, Mexico, on 15-20 May 2010. We take this opportunity to invite 
you to participate in this important meeting. To check the agenda and 
register for the meeting, please go to:


Best regards,

LACNIC Communications

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