[lacnog] Fwd: IPv4 BGP Table Reduction Analysis - Prefixes Filter by RIRs Minimum Allocations Boundaries

Eduardo Ascenco Reis eduardo en intron.com.br
Mie Mayo 28 10:52:28 BRT 2008

Hi LacNog Fellows,

I am forwarding bellow a message sent to NANOG about a thread related with some yesterday discussions.

Also, you can access the original work presented at the Brazilian GTER 24 meeting (in Portuguese):


Eduardo Ascenšo Reis
<eduardo en intron.com.br>

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Data: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 01:05:39 -0200
De: "Eduardo Ascenco Reis" <eduardo en intron.com.br>
Para: nanog en merit.edu
Assunto: IPv4 BGP Table Reduction Analysis - Prefixes Filter by RIRs Minimum Allocations Boundaries

Nanog Fellows,

I would like to share a work that may be of interest to some of you.

Although the BGP data is around one month old and the original focus was on Brazilian AS and IP prefixes, the general analysis covers all Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

This work is part of an IPv4 BGP table reduction analysis and it is about IP prefixes filter by RIRs minimum allocations boundaries methodology (a well discussed Thread - Jon Lewis, et al).

The analysis uses BGP data from University of Oregon Route Views Archive Project (2007-10-23-2000) and estimate possible impacts considering suboptimal routing and unreachable destinations.

The methodology shows a good efficiency (around 40%) reducing BGP table size, but the estimated number of affect prefixes are also high (around 30%).

The report covers impact analysis per RIR and IP prefixes distribution. It also do some IP prefixes accounting and analyse each RIR contribution to BGP table size.

Here is the brief report URL:

Any comments or suggestions (list or private) are welcome.

Eduardo Ascenšo Reis
<eduardo en intron.com.br>

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