[lacnog] IPv6 and reverse DNS lookups are lacking

Carlos M. Martinez Cagnazzo cmm en cagnazzo.me
Mar Dic 15 19:23:33 BRST 2015

Hi Mike,

It hasn't received that much attention recently, but I think we could
definitely run a tutorial/webinar on how to configure IPv6 reverse
mappings, and definitely, try to raise awareness on the issue.

Thank you for your email.



On 12/15/15 6:08 PM, Michael De Leo (mdeleo) wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have been doing some testing to few IPv6 sites in Mexico, Argentina,
> Costa Rica and Brazil. With the exception of the respective NICs, the
> trace paths don’t show any reverse DNS resolution. I am now visiting
> to Brazil and using NET as a local ISP, they also don’t have any
> reverse DNS for the local infrastructure. This is more of a research
> position to compare IPv4 and IPv6 geo-paths as much as possible.
> As the world transitions to IPv6 more and more, I hope this gets
> discussed at the local NOG meetings. Maybe this has been discussed
> already?
> Any comments?
> Thanks,
> Mike De Leo
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