[lacnog] Usando originAS del WHOIS para aceptar prefijos

Job Snijders job en ntt.net
Mie Ene 3 14:24:02 BRST 2018

Dear Arturo,

On Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 03:50:02PM +0000, Arturo Servin wrote:
> I think that it would be better to push for RPKI adoption and then
> RIRs could use that data to populate the origin field in the Whois.

I'm not yet sure we need to view this in a context where the two data
sources are mutually exclusive. For me these efforts are about
leveraging whatever data sources are out there in a pragmatic way.

The crucial point is that the owner of an IP block should be enabled to
indicate what ASN(s) is an authorized origin. Whether the transportation
technology is IRR, WHOIS or RPKI is almost (but not quite) some kind of
an implementation detail ;-)

In context of 'pushing' for a certain approach, it usually is good to
first lead by example, and then start pushing.

> Using whois and rpki as authoritative source could lead to
> inconsistencies later.

I think Carlos made a very interesting point in his previous email when
he mentioned "unless there is a conflict".

Maybe LACNIC can provide two flavors of the WHOIS data: one where
RPKI-conflicting data is pruned from the dump, and one that just
contains all routing data stored in the WHOIS (the latter will be of
interest to analysts and researchers), the former is probably more
suitable for operational purposes.

Of course, this branch of the discussion may be rendered somewhat moot
if an analysis shows there is little to no benefit to using WHOIS data,
from which the logical conclusion would follow be to focus effort on

Kind regards,


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