[lacnog] IRR @LACNIC

Job Snijders job en ntt.net
Mie Mayo 2 19:36:58 BRT 2018

Dear all,

As discussed in my presentation today I am not entirely sure whether a
real "IRR" for LACNIC is the best path forward.

In a way, a lot of the concepts in IRR are very old-fashioned compared
to the reliablity of RPKI. I think it makes more sense to invest in
porting the necessary features from IRR to RPKI (such as RPKI AS-Cones,
perhaps more things are missing), than to take a step back in time and
create an IRR database.

If LACNIC (as a convenience service) offers an "IRR interface" to query
the RPKI data, that of course can be useful for legacy tools. Reudiger
Volk wrote an excellent opinion piece on related IRR/RPKI efforts in the
ARIN region, and I think much of what is said there can be applied to
the LACNIC region as well: https://lists.arin.net/pipermail/arin-consult/2018-April/001080.html


    Please invest time and money to improve modern technologies (RPKI),
    rather than invest in legacy technologies such as IRR! 

Kind regards,


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