[lacnog] Resumen de LACNOG, Vol 170, Envío 12

Carlos M. Martinez carlosm3011 en gmail.com
Vie Feb 4 18:42:48 -03 2022


On 4 Feb 2022, at 18:40, Mike Burns wrote:

> n the issue of ROA creation, I am not sure if I support the ability 
> for assignees to generate ROAs but I may not understand fully. I 
> thought it would be important for the RIR to have a direct legal 
> contract with the issuer of the ROA.

I believe it’s important in this case to separate the issuance of the 
**resource certificate** from the creation of ROAs.

I personally believe that the heaviest legal burden should rest on the 
issuance of resource certificates, not so much with the ROAs.


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