[lacnog] Resumen de LACNOG, Vol 170, Envío 12

Mike Burns mike en iptrading.com
Vie Feb 4 19:10:28 -03 2022

Hi Carlos,


It would certainly make issuing ROAs easier.

Thanks for making the distinction between the resource certificate and the ROA.


It was described to me by an ARIN lawyer that ARIN might be responsible if, as the underlying trust authority, an ROA was issued that was used for a crime. The risk continued up the chain to the authority and a contract was required to protect ARIN. If an assignee issues a faulty or bogus ROA, is the resource certificate owner liable?


I’m not a lawyer. I know legacy block owners  in RIPE must sign a contract before they can do ROAs.

I am all for easing the ability to propagate ROAs for the reasons we all know.








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On 4 Feb 2022, at 18:40, Mike Burns wrote:

n the issue of ROA creation, I am not sure if I support the ability for assignees to generate ROAs but I may not understand fully. I thought it would be important for the RIR to have a direct legal contract with the issuer of the ROA.

I believe it’s important in this case to separate the issuance of the resource certificate from the creation of ROAs.

I personally believe that the heaviest legal burden should rest on the issuance of resource certificates, not so much with the ROAs.



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