[LACNIC/Politicas] Abstract policies to be discussed at LACNIC XI [EN]

Roque Gagliano roque at lacnic.net
Wed May 14 14:08:08 BRT 2008

Abstract policies to be discussed at LACNIC XI.

Last 29th April, the period for introdicing new policies propossals to  
be discussed at the Public Policy Forum, that will be taking place on  
between the 28th and the 30th May in Salvador/Brazil, expired.

The proposals that will be discussed at the Forum are:

- LAC-2007-01 Modification of the IPv6 Block Announcement Policy  
(version 2.0)

Its text proposes a change on the current IPv6 allocation policy which  
requests organization to announce IPv6 allocated blocks in one unique  
aggregated prefix.

With the change the aggregation will be recommended but not required.

-  LAC-2008-01 Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4  
address space.

This proposal introduces a new method for allocating IPv4 addresses  
from IANA to the RIR. At the end of the IANA free Pool, one /8 will be  
allocated to each RIR. In order to implement this policy, five /8 will  
be reserved by IANA at the time of approval.

- LAC-2008-02 IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) assignments for  
Organizations-End Users with IPv4 PI assignments:

This proposal allows the assignment of IPv6 PI (provider independent)  
addresses to End Users that already have IPv4 PI assignments, no extra  
justification is needed.

- LAC 2008-03 IPv6 Provider Independent (PI) assignments for  
Organizations-End Users:

This proposal allows the assignment of IPv6 PI (provider independent)  
addresses to End Users  that do not have previous IPv4 PI assignments  

a- it is not a LIR or ISP.
b- announce the assigned space as a simple aggregated prefix to the  
global Internet.
c- provides detail information for three, six and twelve month  
utilization of the assigned block.
d- provides subnetting plan.
e- provides a network topology drawing.
f- provides a network routing plan, including routing protocols.

assignments will be smaller than or equal to a /32 but always greater  
than or equal to a /48.

- LAC-2008-04 IPv4 special allocations/assignments reservation for new  

This proposal requests the reservation of a /12 IPv4 prefix from  
LACNIC pool to be allocated/assigned once the LACNIC pool is depleted  
to new members under the following conditions:
2 ‐ No allocations will be made to ISPs that already have IPv4  
addresses allocated by LACNIC or by the organizations that preceded  
LACNIC in the region currently serviced by LACNIC.
3 ‐ /22s will only be allocated to new ISPs that have not been  
allocated IPv4 addresses by LACNIC or by their upstream providers, and  
that can prove the need for at least a /24 during the following 12  
4 ‐ /24s will be allocated to critical infrastructure with no other  
requirement than that of being critical infrastructure in accordance  
with the definitions contained in LACNIC’s policies. These  
organizations may receive up to a /22 if they can prove their need  
during the following 12 months.
5 ‐ Those organizations that receive IPv4 addresses from LACNIC under  
the conditions established in items 3 and 4 of the present policy will  
not be allowed to receive future IPv4 allocations from LACNIC.

We will also be discussing a proposed modification of our PDP. The  
proposal can be read at: http://www.lacnic.net/documentos/lacnicxi/propuesta_pdp-en.pdf
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