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Nicolas Antoniello nantoniello at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 22:44:41 -02 2019

Hi Luis,

As you may probably know, lots of traffic does not mean lots of addresses.
Normally the ones that consume more IP addresses are those who provide
connection services, not those who provide data alone.

And the fact that you imply that RIR registries (like PKI repossitories, IP
allocation database, reverse registries and whois itself) are not being of
much use nowadays reflect the need for fixing that and for maintaining
coherency about data stored.

Lastly if you just don’t care about all that (not your concern you’ve
mentioned) let me ask you why you’re being so mean on not having a policy
that may, at less, better that.
‘Cos as far as I’m concerned we -don’t care- protecting an IP space that’s
already exausted, right?


El El mar, 12 de feb. de 2019 a las 21:33, Luis Balbinot <
luis at luisbalbinot.com> escribió:

> >
> > But still, while we don’t have that policy, transfers occur and so the
> > RIR’s registries are inconsistent... and RPKI fails, and BGP seems to
> mess,
> > and so many things that we may avoid !
> And exactly why does that should concern me or anyone else? It's a good
> thing that RPKI fails and BGP has been a mess for a very long time thanks
> to cloud providers and CDNs. RIR registries are of very limited use today.
> All we get are abuse mailboxes that nobody reads and very limited and
> outdated owner information. People trust IRR databases,  PeeringDB and
> geolocation data more than whois data.
> Again: I'd like to see examples of such transfers in action because I don't
> think they are relevant. I've worked with Goodle, Akamai, CloudFlare,
> Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. They are all using legitimate
> address space in the LAC region. And those alone account for *a lot* of
> traffic.
> It's not common practice to advertise address space from other ASNs in the
> LAC region with LOAs like it happens in the ARIN region. It should be easy
> to track and make reports on that.
> Luis
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