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El 27/6/19 16:35, "LACNOG en nombre de Fernando Gont" <lacnog-bounces at lacnic.net en nombre de fgont at si6networks.com> escribió:

    On 26/6/19 18:42, Lee Howard wrote:
    > I have not been following this conversation, because it seems like one
    > that is specifically about the Latin America region, and my Spanish is poor.
    > I agree with you that it is difficult to have as strong a voice in IETF
    > without physically attending meetings. Even though I had leadership
    > positions,	 I had to stop attending because the travel was too expensive.
    That's a point I had tried to make many times on this list and, and,
    unfortunately, it has been debated against.
    FWIW, for participants of this region, the situation is just exacerbated.
    > What would you think if an organization hired a few people to
    > participate, and summarized the important issues? Maybe a membership
    > organization, where the members would decide which issues were most
    > important, sponsors would prepare webinars to explain the technologies,
    > and staff would summarize key issues to members, and describe key
    > considerations to the IETF? 
    Certainly that would be great, particularly if that helped support
    ongoing work  -- as opposed to just have these people be read-only.
The problem of this approach is that co-chairs (example v6ops), if you come back to the WG and say "I'm the organization x (let's suppose LACNOG for this example) we have exposed this ID to our community, 20 members said that they are supporting this document, 1 against", they will tell you: Ask the 21 people to say it in the v6ops list. And then you tell those 21 folks to do so, and they will *NOT*.
    > Staff could not represent members - that's not how the IETF works
    Well,  this one is debatable: folks use their affiliations everywhere,
    don't they?  ;-)
    > With a little help from people within the region, like you and Carlos
    > and maybe some of the local organizations, the effort could be
    > maintained in several languages.
    > Would this help, or would it dilute the contribution of people in the
    > region?
    Anything that can help some people engaged is of value.
    As noted above, I think it is important that folks attending don't
    simply attend, but actively contribute.
    I don't want to populate the meetings with people from the region for
    the sake of it, but rather make it possible for the region to contribute
    work to the IETF.
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