[LACNIC/Politicas] Sobre propuesta de transferencia de recursos IPv4 (LAC-2009-04)

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at nic.br
Mon May 10 14:00:04 BRT 2010

Hi Scott, thanks for clarifying... I was looking for it in the current 
policy, and policy proposals...  Is it correct to say that it was a 
proposal from ARIN staff, and that it is not directly linked with the 
policy itself? There is only one comment in the public consultation 
and it proposes a very restricted version of the list, something based 
on consults, like a simplified whois... Do you know if there was some 
discussion regarding this service in any other place?

Do you, or anyone, know of other services similar to this offered by the 
others RIRs?


> To clarify, ARIN draft policy 2010-1 is the Waiting List for Unmet 
> IPv4 Requests proposal.  It mostly deals with what is expected to be a 
> large unmeetable demand for free IPv4 address space once the ARIN free 
> pool starts running out.  It does not deal directly with the transfer 
> market.
> In addition, ARIN has a transfer policy similar to the one being 
> proposed here.  Part of the implementation of the transfer policy is 
> to create a transfer listing service 
> (http://www.arin.net/resources/transfer_listing.html) where 
> participants who agree to supply their contact information can be 
> contacted by other qualified parties who may be seeking or currently 
> holding corresponding numbering resources.

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